Men Relentlessly Bullied These Boys in Public, Onlookers Decides to Teach Them a Lesson

Child abuse and bullying have been going on for so long, that a lot of poor innocent children get hurt. These abuses not only harm the child physically but also affects their mental and emotional health. People don’t usually encounter bullied kids every day, but when they do, what would they do? Would they try to stop it? Or would they just walk right past by abused children? As a social experiment, these guys made a video about child abuse to see how people in the public would react. As a part of their stunt, they got two boys to act as bullied kids and other older guys to do the abusing.

The test was done in Stockholm, Sweden at one of the parks where people are always present. The plan is to make a scene resembling child abuse and make it realistic as possible so people would be convinced. In the first part of the video, they were seen harassing the kids by shouting at them and slightly beating them up. The boys were pushed to the ground forcing them to stay there as the guys kept on shoving them. Many people saw the horrible scene but chose to walk away and keep to themselves.

They have recorded at least 35% of the people who passed by them did not intervene with the said child abuse. Sadly, that was quite a lot of people. Though some did not mind seeing a beaten-up child, the rest of those who witnessed the awful scene was completely concerned and even tried saving the children. There is still good in this world and that 65% surely is proof of it all. We cannot erase the fact that humans are kind in nature and care for one another. There are still many people willing to help those who are in need—this experiment confirms it.

Watch the full video of the test below to see how people reacted.

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