Scared Pup Jumps For Joy When She Recognizes the person infront of her

Our pets mean the world to us, so separating with any circumstance can leave us grim. The thought of them being safe and sound is what keeps us going. But sometimes, parting can be much more horrific. Take Maggie, for instance. The little pup got lost, and the family got no good news for over a year.

Although the family was smart enough to install microchips. Maggie was nowhere to be found. The family could only imagine worse and almost gave up hope. When a phone call restores their faith in reuniting with the lovely dog again. Once the family reached the shelter home, Maggie didn’t come running. She hid behind one of the employees. This is not strange, with no one to take care of Maggie.

One can only imagine what she must have gone through—no roof over the head, no one to feed and cuddle with her. After going through so much, it’s normal for animals to feel and act isolated. But once Maggie figured her owners, she knew she was in safe hands finally after all the hardship. Maggie began sniffing, and the memory must have come rushing back. She was already in her owner’s lap.

The reunion almost got me crying, but that’s because I am a crybaby. Nonetheless, I suggest you grab a tissue before hitting play.

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