Puppies Are Fighting but Angry Mom Knows Exactly How to Stop Them

Siblings, no matter which forms they take, they are bound to be playful. Therefore, a little quarrel is no surprise even between newly born puppies. But Mother knows the best.

In the clip below, two adorable puppies are playing and fighting a little too. They keep their game going on for a while. However, mom is not happy with the behavior. Initially, she tries to break them apart, and the tactic doesn’t seem to work at all.

Finally, the alpha female barks at her babies while one puppy takes a stand and barks back. Eventually, that dies down, and they realize the error with their head down. No matter how you come on earth, your parents will have a few tricks up their sleeves or paws. Wasn’t the video just so cute? Please share your stories of parenting.

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