Puppy Goes Bonkers When He Realizes He is Going to the Dog Park

As well all know, dogs are athletic creatures by nature. They just love any kind of outdoor activity that involves jumping and running around. And this precious puppet is no exception. His favorite hobby, however, is visiting the dog park and making merry with his furry friends. Owners decide to take him to his go-to spot, and his reaction is priceless.

We still don’t know how this smart pupper came to realize that they are going to the park. The moment he knows, he can’t control his excitement. He goes nuts and starts barking and squeaking like anything. At one point, it almost looks like this cute puppy is trying to drive the car on his own just to reach faster! It’s a hysterical sight.

As a dog lover, you need to fulfill their energetic demands. If you have any sporty hobbies, it’s always a good idea to involve your dog too. Trust me; your doggo will be more than happy to join you. It’s funny how the smallest thing can excite these adorable creatures. And they always reward you will licks and kisses! Isn’t that just lovely?

Watch this video below:

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