Service Dog Can’t Keep It Together After Finally Meeting Hospitalized Owner, It’s Heartwarming

Dogs may not be able speak a single word, but they can comfort you even in the worst cases with their soothing presence. If you have a pet dog, you know how effortlessly they turn a bad day around and make you feel better. Because of their loving and naturally friendly nature, many dogs are trained to become service dogs to help those in need. They might be trained to serve, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their owners. The pooch in the following video is also a service dog that was just too excited to meet his owner who was hospitalized.

The service dog in this story, a sweet German Shepherd, made local headlines when he finally saw his owner after days. He had no idea that his owner was bedridden and hospitalized due to an unknown accident. The man was left without his most loyal companion by his side for days. When the moment finally came for the pooch to meet his beloved owner, he just couldn’t contain himself—he just bubbled over with excitement.

The following video and screenshots show the moment when the German shepherd had been brought into the room by kind-hearted hospital staff and the owner’s family members. They knew that he deserved to know his favorite person was doing ok. How their reunion turned out was truly a tear-jerking and heartwarming sight. His owner was just as excited to see him, and they couldn’t wait to give each other much-awaited hugs and kisses. Isn’t it adorable?

Check out the full video below:


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