Mom Asks Her “What Does Love Mean?”, Her Answer Made Me Cry My Eyes Out

Small kids are prone to different kinds of diseases while they are young. Because of their weak immune system, parents must take good care of them. However, the situation becomes even more, though, if the child has some severe illness. The stress that parents go through is unimaginable. However, some parents are keen not to show their sadness, and they do everything they can for their child’s wellbeing. And the mom in the video is the perfect example!

A 3 yr old girl has been fighting with Severe Congenital Neutropenia over several years now. And her beautiful parents always come up with ways to cheer her up to make her forget about chronic sickness. So, mom asks her some personal questions, and she gives the most adorable response. Even if she’s young, you can tell that she already has a fantastic personality. She will instantly grab your attention with lovely expressions. The amount of knowledge she has is beyond belief. You can say that she is way too mature for her age. And her precious answers are stealing the hearts of millions. Also, keep a close eye on the part where she says, “I don’t know.” It is the cutest thing ever!

cute 3 yr old

It’s so unfair that someone so young fell victim to an unfortunate condition. All we can do for the sad souls is to find ways for them to be happy again. If you have any relatives or friends going through similar hardships, why not try something like this? That’s the least we can do to show the ones we love about how much we care about their physical and mental health.

Watch this video below: 

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