Golden Puppy is Confused By New Cat in House – Adorable

Most of us tend to resist changes to our daily routine, at least a little. Here’s a young golden retriever puppy that’s obviously got enough of a routine to be confused when suddenly, there’s a new cat in the house.

At first, the little puppy does a little investigating–what is this? Then she shows it how to play and even gets very close as if to say, “See, this is a safe toy, you can play with it…” But the cat is having none of it.

So the puppy backs up and decides she needs to warn everyone about this new creature, barking loudly. Eventually Mom comes along and tries to calm both the cat and the puppy. Although at the end the puppy still doesn’t seem too happy. I’ll bet there’s more to come in this story!

This is so cute. Watch the full video below and don’t forget to leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought of this pair!

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