Golden Retriever Puppy Finds Cat in Her Bed – Watch Her Reaction

Most of us have a problem when someone we don’t know, or know but don’t really like, starts using our stuff. Here’s a young golden retriever puppy who’s definitely not happy  when she spots the new cat in her bed.

At first, the little puppy walks in and tries to commandeer the bed through sheer force of presence. But the cat is unphased. So Puppy gives it a little nose nudge, then a paw and a bark–but still nothing from the cat. Puppy decides she’s had enough so she puts her nose under the bed and starts pushing. The cat, unfortunately, doesn’t get the hint!

So the puppy decides maybe some aggressive barking will do the trick, and the cat at least moves back a little–so Puppy’s thinking, “Hey, maybe this is the trick.” But no, the cat was just repositioning.

Watch the rest of this video to see all the antics between the puppy and the cat, and who eventually wins this standoff! Watch the full video below!

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