This Immoral Guy Tries To Kick An Innocent Dog But Gets What He Deserves!

Abusing innocent animals is the most ridiculous thing one can ever do. But there are some people who never mind abusing these innocent creatures and making their life a living hell. This video shows a man who’s exactly that type of person.

Looking at the scenery we can say it’s an outdoor market. The man wearing a pink shirt sees a white dog seemingly minding its own business or at least we can say the dog didn’t pose any threat to the man.

However, out of nowhere, the man tries to kick the dog in the face while all this was being caught on the camera. What happened next to the man totally proves the saying, “Instant Karma’s gonna get you.”

Karma definitely was in its most glorious action. Instead of kicking the dog the man’s legs fall right out and he faces plant on the stiff ground. He actually got what he deserved. Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it through your comments.

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