Lions Circle Trapped Baby Elephant but Old Matriarch Hears the Mom’s Cries…

Elephants have always had a closely knitted bond with their families. These animals are sensitive, intelligent and empathetic, especially with their own kind. Wild elephants are said to be in herds that work together for survival and protection.

They have very similar personalities that of humans when it comes to their emotions, unlike other animals. Elephants are also overprotective when it comes to their young ones, just like in this particular story about an incredible elephant rescue.

As seen in the video, a baby elephant, unfortunately, got stuck into a concrete gutter where the water point is supposed to be. His mother began to show signs of frustrations as she cannot get her baby out of the trough with her best efforts. The small elephant could not move properly as he was trapped in between the concrete upside down. As hard as he tried, he cannot free himself without any help.

Predators started to come for him circling in hopes of preying on him. Hungry lions were on the lookout and ready to pounce anytime soon, while a group of vultures was also seen hovering around the young elephant. Luckily, another herd of elephants heard his cries for help and decided to save him. The baby elephant was apparently stuck for more almost an hour, but with an old matriarch, he might just have a chance of survival.

The elephant started to pull on the baby’s legs and trunk to possibly get him unstuck, she tried again and again and as hard as she could never giving up to help save the young elephant. Watch the video below to witness the daring rescue and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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