Dogs are one of the most important parts of a family. They are life saviors for humans as well as a great friend.

I’ve never seen a person who does not like a dog. There may be a rare few who don’t and they don’t even realize that they are missing out on a lot of wholesome things in life. A dog is almost always selfless when it comes to protecting its humans and being sincere towards them. Hence, it is almost always that we hear news about dogs saving humans in many different ways.

In this viral story, Jason the rescued dog saved the life of a toddler. Brutus is quite young to ask for help when he suffers from seizures. That’s when Jason rushed to call the mom and got the toddler help on time. Jason is now a certified therapy dog.

We, as humans, really could not be more proud of this adorable pit bull. Watch the full video below!

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