Van Tosses Out Bundle of ‘trash’ but When It Starts Moving – This Teen Dodges Traffic to Save It

Abandoning an animal is bad enough. Due to the lack of strong laws, most of the people get away with it, while the poor animal suffers. Aside from the emotional toll, abandoning can have serious health consequences for pets. 

Now think about throwing the animal out from a moving vehicle? It just breaks our heart, doesn’t it? This article is about a similar sad incident that occurred on a highway in Michigan.

On a Sunday, fourteen-year-old Gavin Orlowski and his mother were traveling across Michigan’s Interstate 196 on their way to a birthday party. In the middle of the road, they had to pull over as they saw something unexpected- a miserable cat was thrown out of the van.

Garvin went out to get the poor feline without caring about traffic. Luckily, the cat managed to hang off the over-bridge and the boy was able to catch the poor cat. Nevertheless, the cruel driver had already gone by that moment. The family rushed the cat to an animal hospital and they later decided to adopt that poor baby. Watch this heartwarming video and let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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