Prison Escapee Convinces Cop He is Actually a Jogger

Some people are naturally good liars. Moreover, they can spin any story in a matter of minutes and have the audience under their spell! I, for one, cannot fib if my life depended on it. But this prison escapee was so good at fabricating a story that he got away right from under a cop’s nose!

Law enforcement works hard at keeping order in society. Moreover, they train for years so that they can recognize and fight off trouble. However, even the best of us get beat sometimes. And this was the case for Louisiana cop, Carl Bordelon. He had gotten word that an inmate was on the loose and was on the lookout when he came upon Richard Lee Mcnair.

prison escapee jogger

Mcnair should have been an actor instead of committing murder! After the cop stops him, he pretends to be a jogger. Moreover, the man matches the description of the escapee of wearing tanks and white khaki shorts. However, that isn’t enough evidence. Furthermore, he gives details about his work and where he is living. And it is so compelling. The cop even jokes about him being the detainee! In the end, he manages to convince the police even without an ID on him. Are you convinced? Watch the video below:

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