2019 has seen a significant transformation in country music. First, Old town road by Lil Nas blew up and gave new meaning to western tunes. Now, Blanco Brown has put a focus on this genre once again with his latest hit “The Git Up.” Brown’s debut single gained so much popularity that it has inspired an internet challenge called “The Git Up Challenge.”

In the song, Brown sings the steps that you are supposed to do while dancing to this song. This challenge to Brown’s single is simple enough. Furthermore, the country twang to the contemporary beat makes the challenge fun to watch. So much so that it has taken over TikTok, where it has racked over 29 million views already.


These challenges are always fun to do. But have you ever seen a whole county come together for these events? Well, in the video, the entire School District of Indian River County has come together to do The Gitup Challenge. This includes not only the students but also the student resource officers and County Sheriffs. And let us not forget the Dinosaurs! Watch the county do the seriously catchy ‘two-step then cowboy boogie’ down below:

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