German Shephard Found 4 Orphan Kittens but What He Did Next Made My Heart Melt

Dogs are some of the most incredible animals in the world. It comes as no surprise that they are adopted into so many households all over the world. And the same goes for cats as well. Cats make great companions, don’t they? Sadly, people try to stereotype these two species as being the mortal enemies of one another. Dog lovers try to bash cats, while cat lovers try to bring down dogs. What these kinds of people don’t understand is that dogs and cats can live in perfect harmony with one another.

Dogs and cats can be best of friends if they want. Sure, sometimes, some of them don’t get along. But this is not true for all cases. Take for instance, this incredible video! It is going to leave you in awe for sure. Four orphaned kittens were dropped off at an animal shelter one day. They were just two weeks old and had no mom to look after them. Fortunately, a kind employee at the shelter decided to foster the little ones.

She took the kittens home, but she says that her German Shepherd, Brooke, was the greatest help to her during that time. The pooch fed them and was even responsible for the washing and toileting. The tiny felines grew up healthy, as if they had been raised by their own biological mother. The foster mom says that she and Brooke will miss the kittens, but is sure that they will all find a loving forever home.

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