Priest Can’t Stop Laughing at 5-Yr-Old’s Unexpected Reaction to Blessing

The church has few unspoken rules, depending on the traditions. If you don’t usually go to church every Sunday, the service can get a little tricky. One might end up making silly mistakes and embarrassing themselves.

However, some people don’t embarrass easily–especially if they’re toddlers. They are hardly aware of the social context. Therefore, they may end up asking the wrong question or pointing and yelling.

It’s the curiosity that leads to such surprising moments. So when you mix a bubbly toddler in an orderly church, something hilarious just might come out of it. In a video released recently, we get to witness just such a funny event. Even the priest can’t contain himself.

During a praying session, the father recites a few Latin words and makes a cross sign. He then raises his hand over the adorable girl. The toddler then casually reaches up and gives him a celebratory high-five.

The priest tries his level best not to laugh but he really can’t help himself. The clip since then has gained popularity on social media. Watch the short clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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