These people look like robots when they walk. Their precision in their formation is just stunning

There are all kinds of sports in the world. From ice hockey to surfing, some games fit the interest of everyone! But have you heard of walking as a sport? Yes, it is a thing. Not only is it real, they even hold competitions for it.

To be specific, it is called Precision Walking, and it is fantastic! The video is from Group Action 2011 Japanese Precision Walking Competition. For the first time in history, the Nippon Women’s College of Physical Education is part of collective action. Their performance is incredible! Furthermore, the attention to detail that these ladies wearing white show is fascinating. They look like robots when they walk!

What I love about their performance is the little moments of humor in their choreography. Additionally, the part where they cross each other is impressive. You can see the discipline and dedication of the performers. Watch the whole video below:

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