Dog Has The Cutest Reaction When His Family Sings Him ‘Happy Birthday’

Birthdays are the most special day of one’s life. But everyone has their way of celebrating it. Some go over the board with huge parties, while some like to keep it simple. And some people don’t like celebrating birthdays at all. But there are a few people who love celebrating their pets’ birthdays as well. And honestly, it is very heartwarming.

Dakota is one of those dogs who love celebrations. And when it comes to his birthdays, no one is as excited as Dakota himself. So, whenever it’s his birthday, he becomes the happiest dog on the entire planet.

Dakota's birthday celebration

His parents got him a cake in the shape of a bone. They also lit a candle on the cake and got him the cutest birthday hat. His family gather around and sing him “Happy Birthday.” The happiness in his face says it all. He is so happy and excited that he can’t stop wagging his tail. He screams and jumps around in joy while everyone else sings for him.

WATCH the adorable video of how happy Dakota is on his birthday.

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