Cops Performing ‘Uptown Funk’ In A Lip Sync Battle Will Make Your Day

Cops have a tough job of securing peace and safety. What many people don’t know is that they are all just normal people like us who love to have fun. That is why when the police lip sync battle became known across the nation, all police departments wanted to show off their talent. Police departments all over the country are challenging each other in a battle where they sing and dance to famous songs like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, TLC’s “No Scrub”, and for today’s video, Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”.

The Norfolk Police Department in Virginia was challenged by the Corinth Police Department and they did not disappoint. The Norfolk PD showed off their amazing dance moves and lip-syncing talent in a video that quickly became viral with over 25 million views in just two days. Special ops officer, Christopher Taveras lead the lip-sync performance. They rolled out the announcement without knowing how many of the people will join.

40 officers with the help of the bomb squad and fire service participated in the video during their lunch break at the Third Patrol Division. The video features the halls of the building through the garage and into the parking lot where they also showcased the department’s motorcycles, armored vehicles, and even the fire trucks. Norfolk PD spokesman, Cpl. William Pickering mentioned that they, “We wanted to show the community our primary objective is to protect and serve the community, but we’re not robots. We share a lot of the same interests the community has.”

Their lip sync video was so great that they were even selected to participate in “CBS’ Lipsync to the Rescue”. Watch the full clip here:

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