Annoyed Cat was Tired of Dog’s Drama – So He Takes Matter Into His Own Hands

Every once in a while we all get tired of other people’s drama–yammering on about something unnecessarily, criticizing something or someone, raising everyone’s stress level–and wish we could do something about it. Well here’s a cat who does.

Dogs are one of the most playful and fun-loving animals ever, always active and generally playful. Cats, on the other hand, are not the same as dogs. They seem more mature, more refined, more clever than dogs. In other words, dogs are a little more prone to drama and cats are more prone not to put up with it!

This is one of the most hilarious and wholesome videos you will ever find on the internet. The cat really makes you feel dumb, even as a human! Trust us, this is by far one of the best videos you will find on the internet if you love cats and dogs.

If you love dogs or own one as a pet, you must know that they are going to be a handful. They express their happiness and excitement in the most hilarious and playful way possible. The same happened here. The poor dog probably just wanted to play with the cat but the cat feels otherwise.

This is wholesome though. Watch the full video below!

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