Polar Bears Wait at Hole in Ice for Seals to Surface – But It Doesn’t Go as Expected…

The animal kingdom is entirely different than our typical household. In our, we feed kids, by putting the young ones on a proper diet. In contrast, animals have to learn hunting from their parents early on in their life.

The ice-covered tundra is home to one of the fascinating hunting grounds. And who else to cover such raw moments than BBC. In one of the clips captured by the channel, a polar mama bear is teaching her two small cubs hunting techniques.

In the frozen world, the seals have to risk their safety every 30 minutes to breathe fresh air. During the exact time, the bear makes their hunt, utilizing these few seconds of vulnerability. Hence, mama is teaching the young ones this valuable lesson.

One of the adorable cubs seems to doze off while getting essential skills. While the other baby is far from the family enjoying a snowball. When a seal peaks out of the hole nearby, making the polar baby bear stumble and roll with fear.

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