Dog Gets a New Talking Toy – Wait Till You See How He Reacts to It!

Talking toys are nothing new, but here’s an Airedale Terrier who’s not quite ready for the latest technology.

Airedale Terriers are often referred to as theKing of Terriers due to their bold, energetic, and independent nature. These muscular dogs are loyal and devoted family pets and are often used as working dogs. They were initially bred to hunt otter, badger, and other small game, but today they enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle of play and companionship. Airedales have a long, wiry coat that requires regular grooming, and they need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. With regular exercise and training, these intelligent dogs can be very well behaved and obedient.

Airedales are friendly, outgoing dogs that make great family pets and are sure to bring lots of joy and laughter to any household. But here’s one that brings a little more laughter than most. 

This Airedale is Plato and he just received a new toy, Chippy the Chattermunk. It records and repeats, in a higher-pitched voice, whatever it hears. What happens when a dog does it? Chaos for him and lots of laughter for us! The poor pup is really confused by the toy, but it is hilarious to see! To tell the truth, I feel for Plato–so many kids toys today make me confused, and that’s not even counting video games!

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