Restaurant Staff Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ For Dying Man at His Final Meal

You might thing this video is sad–a man at his favorite restaurant, eating what he knows will be is final meal there. I prefer to think of it as inspiring, asking us all to show kindness when we can, hoping the same will be shown to us.

Once you get infected with an incurable illness, it’s pretty certain you’re going to see life in a different perspective. This was certainly the case with Lyle Chauvin, a U.S. veteran, was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor.

His favorite restaurant was the Little Big Cup in Arnaudville, Louisiana just northeast of Lafayette. Lyle let them know he would be coming in for his final meal in the restaurant with his wife.

The staffs decide to honor the man’s life by singing “Amazing Grace.” Within seconds the sentimental moment changes the atmosphere. Restaurant owner Sanjay Marahaj posted this video as a tribute to Lyle.

Even though it’s a small act, the thought that goes in counts the most. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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