Koko the Gorilla Had Not Laughed in 6 Months – Until She Met Robin Williams

The legendary Robin Williams was a singularity in the entertainment business. From his quirky skills to moving acting, the late star had a charismatic personality. As it turns out, Robin’s talent and charm didn’t only work on humans.

During a meet with Koko the gorilla in 2001, the Happy Feet actor was able to turn Koko’s mood around. Since the death of her companion, the animal had been in a depressive state for months. However, that changed with the arrival of Mr. Williams.

The two seem to hit it off quickly like long lost buddies. Furthermore, they share a moment hugging each other. Koko was in a better mood after the encounter, claimed her caretaker, Dr. Penny Patterson.

As nearly everyone knows, Robin tragically committed suicide in 2014. When Dr. Patterson broke the news to Koko, the gorilla signed the word for “crying” and, according to Dr. Patterson, was clearly depressed. We all join Koko in feeling the loss of a man the world could use as much now as ever before. Oh, captain, my captain, rest in peace. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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