Parents Prank Kid by Asking Him to Break Their Car’s Window – Pay Attention to the Window

As far as I remember I loved pranking my family when I was a kid. Even today, my parents recall those memories in any gathering. And being a fellow prankster, I approve of the dad’s instincts to do so in the clip below.

A toddler punches the car’s window when instructed not to do so, what happens next is hilarious.

During the winter, some parts of countries accumulate an enormous amount of snow. Especially on vehicles, the ice even barricades the windows forming a look-alike of actual glasses. Given the transparency of ice, anyone can be fooled by it.


A father couldn’t help but utilize the moment to prank his younger son. He clearly instructs his son not to break the window. The toddler completely does the opposite and breaks the ice the minute he gets inside the vehicle. The horrified look on his face is priceless. His dad asks the son to”roll the window up”. Within seconds he yells “Gottem” and laughs hysterically. Please press play and enjoy this moment. Do share your similar encounters in the feed.

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