3 Pit Bulls Share a Bath With a Tiny Dachshund. What Happens is Heartmelting

Pit bulls are often stereotyped as being aggressive and hostile. But the poor things are typecast in a very negative way since the majority of them are very calm and lovable. A dog turns out how he is raised – very much like human babies themselves. If not trained properly, even the calmest of breeds like the Basset Hounds can be violent.

Take a look at this adorable video below! It features three cute pit bulls and a tiny dachshund sharing a bath together. The three pit bulls are all rescue dogs. One of them, Evan, is one of the 367 survivors from the second-largest fighting ring raid in U.S. history. He, alongside his friends Ivy, Emmett, and Penelope the dachshund are going to steal your heart for sure!


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