Everyone Was Got Caught Off Guard at the Hospital, Pay Attention to These Sweet Visitors

Pit bulls are usually seen as dangerous dogs. The breed has been ostracized and demonized for years now. They have been used in fighting rings, yet they are the ones who are blamed to be demons. People tend to have a bad bias against them, and are usually freaked out at the sight of them. Some states have even banned keeping these dogs as pets, and it’s just heartbreaking to know.

So when two pit bulls walked into a hospital, people were bound to be surprised. Pit bulls’ reputations have made people wary of them, but the two pooches in the following video taught everyone that there was nothing to fear. They looked very happy to be inside, and they were pretty calm. They did seem a little confused and out of place, and they kept following whoever they say.

Thankfully, the good people at St. Luke’s hospital were very kind to them. They responded to them nicely, and were very gentle with them too. They called the police, who then took them to be reunited with their respective owners. These lost dogs could have gone through so much worse, but thanks to the kindness of the people at St. Luke’s, they had a very happy ending indeed.

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