Caretaker Lovingly Sings Lullaby For Two Orphaned Baby Elephants Until They Fall Asleep

There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing a parent or both parents. This is true among animals as well. Parent animals teach their babies everything they need to know about survival, so without them, babies can get very helpless and sad. Thankfully, the elephant calves in this story were fortunate to have been found by a loving lady. These two baby elephants, named Aya Mye and Mary, were kept safe within Winga Baw Elephant Camp.

Without a parent to protect them, they became very close to their caretaker named Lek. She knew that the needs of these elephant babies went the basic necessities of food, water, and shelter. So Lek drew near in order to sing a song to comfort them. It was not just any song, however, but a very sweet and gentle lullaby. She poured her heart into the song, and the results were stunning indeed.

She took the time and effort to love them like her very own, and the result was touching. Lek gently stroked the calves and they loved every bit of attention she showered on them. It seemed as if her lullaby was just the thing to comfort them, but then something happened which made Lek’s heart just erupt with love. Both these wonderful babies drifted off to sleep after listening to her sweet voice!

These babies might have lost their parents, but they found someone just as loving and wonderful in the form of Lek.

Check out this amazing video below:

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