Man Adopts Rescue Cat and His Bedtime Routine is Heart-melting

Humans are social creatures, and they love company. While some people like the company of other people, more introverted ones like to be alone. They are happy with the companionship that a pet provides. Having a pet in the house can really brightens things up. Even without saying any words, they can really understand you and comfort you in times of need.

While dogs are known as man’s best friend, cats are also very popular pets. They do not need the same attention as dogs do—in that way, they are more like roommates than pets! Cats do not like the outdoors as much as dogs, so they are perfectly fine with indoor activities. The kitty in the following his video is a perfect example of this.

This adorable cat has been adopted by Sapar Duman, a pianist. He loves playing the piano, and his cute cat is just as interested in music as he is. This video shows the two of them together. Sapar is playing the piano, while his cat is resting on the keys. The cat looks really relaxed and happy to be on the keys. He even nudges against his dad’s beard and looks totally mesmerized.

What a wonderful ritual these two have! You can’t help but melt after seeing the love between them.

Check out this amazing video below:

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