German Shepherd Sees Dad Back From Deployment, Reaction on His Face Touches the Internet

Soldiers are some of the bravest souls on the planet. They put everything on the line for the sake of their country, without even asking for anything in return. Often deployed to faraway lands for months and even years at a time, they are forced to live away from their family and friends. We have lost so many of them to war; so whenever they come back home, it is a matter of celebration for the entire country. However, none are more than happy than their loved ones. And this includes their pets as well.

Just take a look at this heartwarming video for example! In this clip, we get to see an army soldier reunite with his German Shepherd that had been faithfully waiting for his return. The man decided to give the big pup a surprise. The dog had no idea dad was coming home. He was sent to fetch a ball; his dad was there waiting for him when he came back. The pup’s reaction when he sees his dad suddenly is truly adorable!

The dog was really surprised by the visit – it is evident in his cries! He was so happy that he kept circling the man and screaming in joy. Bring out the tissues because this just might bring you to tears! Reunions always manage to touch our hearts, don’t they? Wait till you see this moving clip for yourself!

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