Talented Dad Creates Hilarious Digital Masterpieces With His Three Kids

It has become an industry standard to re-touch photographs in magazines and publications. Applications like Photoshop are used to perfect photos by editing out mistakes and add interesting details. But this dad is using the technique to create otherworldly images with his family. And it is hilarious!

john wilhelm 20

To bring his fantasies to life, John Wilhelm uses his family as a muse. They include his partner Judith and his three young daughters— Lou, Mila, and Yuna. Moreover, the Swiss calls himself a photoholic, as he obsesses over his side project rather than treating it as plain passion.

john wilhelm 18

By day, John is an IT professional. However, photography has always been a subject of interest to the creative. His father was also a hobby-photographer who even found two local photography associations. So, John “grew up in an environment of cameras, magazines, lenses, self-made camera baggage, darkroom, and funny weddings.”

John says that “a fire was sparked,” when he first held a digital camera for the first time. But it was after he decided to learn Photoshop a few years later that his life completely changed. “That was the best thing I ever did… now photography is a complete passion!”

john wilhelm 13

And you can see John’s talent in the photos that he includes his family in! He creates larger-than-life scenarios that are out of reality.

But creativity isn’t the only thing that drives the photographer to do this. It’s the kid’s involvement in the creative process that makes it so special!

john wilhelm 7

Moreover, the kids nail the extreme expressions that John’s pictures demand. He could not have better actors!

john wilhelm 1

You can also see how his kids help him define his creative style. John derives a lot of his photographs through fairytales that most children know and love! Further, he puts his spin on them.

john wilhelm 17

Like this Little Red Riding Hood!

john wilhelm 16

Or this modern take on a lying Pinocchio!

And he has been refining the art of photo manipulation for a long time. Specifically, before his youngest daughter was even born! I’m sure this is the best pregnancy shoot that I have ever seen:

john wilhelm 11

Some of his work is based on reality. And he only changes the surroundings or the proportion of the subject.

“Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” isn’t just a movie anymore!

john wilhelm 5

john wilhelm 12

Nowadays, there is a lot of debate about whether people should re-touch photos or not. In an attempt to perfect images, reality seems out of reach. Moreover, it creates unrealistic body standards. This can be harmful and develop body-image issues in vulnerable teens.

However, John Wilhelm’s images are entirely blown-out and otherworldly! It encourages creativity rather than seek perfection, which is why it works so well! But his most reaching projects have to be the ones where he takes his children for an adventure!

john wilhelm 6

john wilhelm 2

Sometimes these adventures get his children in dangerous situations. But luckily, this doesn’t win him the ‘worst father award!’

john wilhelm 4

Additionally, I’m sure other kids envy these girls for all the things they get to do. No parent would give a child permission to ride a scooter!

john wilhelm 14

Sometimes the artist changes things up. Instead of sending his children to an adventure, he brings adventure to them! Imagine having a Pelican fishing in your bathtub.

john wilhelm 9

And I know I would not appreciate having a frozen bath with a snowman!

john wilhelm 15

It’s incredible how a person can do so much with a computer and endless imagination. Evidently, the images don’t start this way. But the difference between the unedited version and the end product is monumental!

john wilhelm 23

John begins his creative process with just the background picture and images of the subject. Moreover, the talent of the girls shows, as they have no reference for their hilarious expressions!

john wilhelm 24

And the transformation is unreal! Furthermore, you have to appreciate John’s attention to detail. Just take a close look at the shadows on the soccer field!

He often shares his transformative process to the thousands of people who are in awe of his talent. Take a look at a few other examples:

john wilhelm 22

And he never fails to thank his audience! The humble artist finds encouragement through the admiring people who find inspiration in his hyperrealistic photographs. For reaching the milestone of 50,000 followers, he posted another photo. However, it wouldn’t be a John Wilhelm image without a humorous twist!

john wilhelm 8

In fact, humor is a theme that comes over and over in his work! John makes it work by incorporating mundane activities to farfetched ideas. And the result is nothing short of incredible!

john wilhelm 10

Another formula he uses is including quips in his photography. His witty take on this “message on a bottle,” is a perfect mixture between modernity and traditional charm!

john wilhelm 3

His bizarre photographs often make people do a double-take. This is true not only because of this out-of-the-world ideas but due to his impeccable manipulation skills. Not to mention the laughs it brings!

john wilhelm 21

John Wilhelm manages to blur the line between reality and imagination with his fascinating photographs. His interesting images set him apart from the crowd. Moreover, his family adds a character you can’t find anywhere else. I can’t believe it all started with a man and his love for photography!

john wilhelm 19