Soldier Dad Gets Deployed For 8 Months, Leaves Heartfelt Gift For His Baby Daughter

The adorable little baby featured in the video below is named Pia, and she is a daddy’s girl. But sadly, her soldier dad, Drew, got deployed for eight long months. However, before he left, he decided to do something special for his little girl. He brought her a bear and installed his recorded voice inside it. Then he asked mom to give her the gift a full month into his deployment.

Pia was ecstatic when she got the bear. But you are going to melt when you see how the tiny kid reacts when she hears her dad’s voice coming out of it. Her dad will return home late summer and her mom is pregnant with another baby. I am sure Pia will share her bear with her little sister until dad comes home.

Check out this precious little video below! How did this make you feel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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