This Girl Never Felt Beautiful, Until She Met a Photographer Who Saw The Truth.

We all have something that we wish to change in our bodies. Either it’s physical changes or procedures that push people to go under the knife. Insecurities are not disastrous; they make us human.

But once you begin comparing yourself to cover models. That’s where the problem lies. Today’s beauty standards are layers, and layers of makeup clicked under a great light that goes under a series of photoshop. Rick Guidotti has spent the professional years of his life as a photographer. He had been enjoying his career, working for fashion magazines. Taking pictures of the beautiful Cindy Crawford. But one woman changed it all.


One typical day, Rick noticed a woman sitting at a bus stop. He requested to take her picture but, Margaret Breed declined it. She didn’t like her picture to be taken. Margaret didn’t believe she lived up to the beauty standards. However, this particular teen with albinism stuck in Rick’s mind. Then began Rick’s hunt to find more people who looked like her. His search led him to a medical journal that only emphasized their conditions. Hence began Rick’s journey in the world of beauty that is not captured by any photographer ever.

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