Baby Koala Doesn’t Leave Mom’s Side During Operation, Then She Gives Him a Hug

Moms have a special relationship with their babies. And the bond between this mommy koala and her tiny joey is not an exception.

Five month old Phantom was taking a walk with his mom, Lizzy, one day. Sadly, the duo got hit by a car. However, the loving mama had wrapped herself around her baby so securely, that only her body got injured. Some kind people walking by took the koalas to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital where volunteers moved them to emergency.

The vets discovered that Lizzie’s lung had collapsed and she also had a facial trauma. Phantom was still clinging to his mom’s body when the vets decided on an immediate surgery.

They carried out the operation with the little joey still hanging onto his mom’s side. Wait till you see their love for each other! Thankfully, Lizzie is now on the mend very quickly and the doctor’s credit Phantom for the successful surgery and quick recovery.

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