Mama Panda is Happily Eating Her Meal – Watch What Sleeping Baby Does

Pandas are a species of bear that live in the mountainous regions of China. They are a highly endangered species due to the destruction of their natural habitats and are now one of the most beloved and recognizable animals in the world. Pandas are known for their thick blackandwhite fur, which provides them with excellent camouflage in the bamboo forests they inhabit. They typically live in small groups, with a single adult male leading a group of females and cubs. They feed primarily on bamboo, which makes up the majority of their diet, supplemented by other plants and occasionally small animals.

This Panda video went viral a long way back, but I can’t help be in hysterics even when I watch it now! It’s one of those re-posts that I’m sure you’ll agree is worth it. This adorable mama and son duo won hearts all over the world with this precious moment. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do!

This is one of the most viewed videos of all time, and wait till you see why! This is too cute to handle! Mama panda was peacefully sitting alongside her tiny baby. She was minding her own business, chomping on some bamboo, looking over her adorable cub. But all of a sudden, the cub does something that startles her.

When the cub releases a sneeze out of nowhere, the mama’s reaction is exceptionally hilarious! Watch the short clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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