Newborn Fawn Approaches Little Girl – People Are Calling Her the “Deer Whisperer”

Can humans talk to animals? Apparently, but it takes a long time to establish a connection before they understand each other. For instance, you know when your pet is hungry, they grasp tricks you teach them. But is it possible to master this act at the very first encounter?

The answer is yes for 5-year-old Maya Herring. In the clip below, you can see a fawn approaching the little kid slowly. The toddler then gestures the deer to come forward with her hand, and it does that right away. The lost animal seems more curious than scared. She is also being called a deer whisper after accomplishing to establish a relationship within seconds of meeting the wild creature.

Deer Whisperer

This video shows the beginning of an extraordinary friendship. While it probably isn’t going to last, it’s sure wonderful to watch it happening at the beginning.

Watch the full video below and share any personal experiences you have with wild animals in the comment section.

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