Schools Are Taking Down Analogue Clocks – Kids Can’t Read Them Anymore

During the long hours in high school, it’s no surprise students get bored in some periods contrasting to others. Eyes fixated on the analog clock, waiting for the minute hand to move sooner. Well, not everyone can relate, I guess.

Many schools have decided to remove analog clocks, as the kids can’t read them anymore. 

In the contemporary world, the new generation is shifting more towards technology than ever. In our elementary school, we learned coloring, alphabets even using analog clocks. But the times have changed a lot from those years. Back then, people didn’t carry the internet in their pockets. 

Everyone wore watches. We couldn’t just look at our phones and tell time. Ironically, kids these days can easily navigate a smartphone and computer; however, telling time from an analog device seems to be the real test. Despite teaching them over and over again. UK schools are deciding on replacing the analog completely with digital clocks. 

Teachers in the UK are concerned that kids will forget the process if they don’t get any real practice. Besides, nobody wants a class full of pupils asking the time repeatedly or even wondering about it. Especially during the exams, students may waste too much time stressing to figure out the clocks. 

During a recent interview on Telegraph, Malcolm Trobe, the deputy general secretary at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), confirmed the news, “You don’t want [the students] to put their hand up to ask how much time is left.”

What do you think? Should we embrace the change without giving in some fight? Please share your remarks in the feed. 

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