Dog Finds An Abandoned Human Baby. Her Next Move Will Touch Your Heart

There are lots of rescue videos on the internet. It is not unusual to hear stories of humans saving animals. But sometimes, our animal friends tend to save us too. For instance, take a look at this amazing dog featured below.

Some people believe that animals don’t have any feelings. But time and again, they have proved us wrong. And this pooch is one of those stellar examples. She is called Way and she lives in a city in Argentina. She found an abandoned human child in an alleyway one freezing winter night. Even though Way had a litter of her own, she didn’t think twice before she decided to take the baby under her care. Thanks to her maternal instincts, the baby’s life was saved.

A stray dog named Way from Argentina went viral on the internet recently – and for all the good reasons too! She came across an abandoned one month old human child in an alleyway one night. The baby’s 33 year old mother left him for dead in the freezing winter temperatures, but Way stepped up right on time to rescue the little one.

Way had her own litter, but she wanted to protect the abandoned human baby too. She, along with her puppies, kept the tiny child warm all night. Rescuers believe that if it wasn’t for the pooch, the baby would have had a very low chance of surviving.

Alejandra Griffa heard the baby’s cries the following morning and she took him to the hospital. The child’s mother was detained. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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