Deer Struggles as She Falls Into the Lake. When Authorities Took Too Long, This Man Dived Right in…

A deer ended up falling into a lake in Montgomery County, Texas recently. Authorities were called out to rescue the drowning animal, however, a Good Samaritan beat them to it!

After the incident, the Montgomery County Precinct One Constable’s Office shared a dramatic video showing a local resident jumping into the water to save the animal. Recognized simply as “Patrick”, the man put himself at risk to help the struggling deer.

Nobody knows how the animal ended up in Lake Conroe, but hadn’t it been for Patrick, it was evident that she was going to drown. Deer are pretty good swimmers, but a bulkhead wall lining the shore to prevent erosion was too high for the deer to cross. So, the man jumped into action. He brought her to a dock where she was lifted up onto dry land by an awaiting officer. The deer was visibly tired, but thanks to Patrick, she was now safe.

According to the comments on the footage, the deer went on to sleep for four hours in the grass before finally heading back into the woods. And though they don’t know Patrick’s full name, he has been getting a lot of praises from the online community.

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