Bear Cub Walked Into a Lawn, but He Refused to Leave Without a Hilarious Fight

You can never really tell how a day is going to turn out. It can start out as any other day, but the biggest surprise can hit you out of nowhere. The Laing family had the shock of their life when they were enjoying a relaxing afternoon together, as they noticed something out of place in their backyard. An adorable bear cub was making its way toward the house!

Mr Liang rushed to get out his camera and began to record, as excitement grew between his kids. He didn’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime moment. As the cub approached, his attention was piqued by a large, pink, inflatable flamingo. Unbelievably the cub knew that the flamingo was a toy and instantly began to play with it.

Perhaps the mama bear knew he was causing too much commotion. She must have realized she was intruding on another family, soon calls her cub back before making off together. But the cub still had some fight left in him, and just wouldn’t let go of the inflatable flamingo. It must have been quite an experience to see such a magnificent animal up close!

Check out this amazing footage below:

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