This Woman Went Undercover as an 11-yr-old. What She Found is Absolutely Heartbreaking

By now, everyone knows that some people use social media for vicious reasons and illegal activities. However, with all the things happening in our busy lives, we don’t entirely take the dangerous impact it has seriously. Furthermore, the dark side of the apps on our phones and computers is scariest when it comes to our children. So, this mother set out on a mission to see how treacherous it is.

Mother of 3, Sloane Ryan knows that predators use social media to prey on the vulnerable. Children use smartphone apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tik Tok without precaution. And parents are unaware of how their children can easily be a target online. So, to bring awareness to this fact, the 37-year-old woman posed as an 11-year-old. And the dangers are exposed in a matter of minutes.

woman exposes social media

Bark is a tech company that uses artificial intelligence to detect serious issues such as grooming and predation. With its help, Sloane posed as a typical pre-teen with different social media accounts. Moreover, the profile had an incoming video call in less than 5 minutes of going live. Furthermore, an adult male called the teen persona to meet with him in New York, which Sloane went undercover. And what happens there is just shocking! Watch the video to find out:

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