She Taped Her Canvas and Splashed Some Paint – the Result Is So Satisfying

Art these days has become some sort of degree for sophistication. You walk into a mansion or a simple two-bedroom apartment; no doubt you will see all the essentials. But in the few years, one thing has become very near and dear to people—a piece of abstract art hanging on the most conspicuous place that no one misses.

The word abstract, when used as a prefix, indeed holds power to make it more intimidating. You gaze in the painting that’s hanging and wonder. Could I make it? No, that takes a lot of work and focus? I am surely not built for that. And the amazing brush strokes how do I make it happen without prior knowledge.

With one click, you come across an abundance of art for beginners or lessons on what kind of colors to use. All this makes you even more confused. Gradually, you give up even without making any progress. Well, we have the perfect solution for you. DIY hacks to make an abstract painting with more practical methods for beginners. All you need is masking tape and a bunch of colors.

Please press play and enjoy this effortless work of art. What’s there to lose? If you decide to try, lets us know how it turned out for you. Better show us the final results.

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