98-Yr-Old Grandma Gets Weekly Visit from a New Friend – A Rescue Owl

We all love animal friendship videos, especially when the animal is a little unusual–well that’s certainly the case here, where this 98-year-old grandmother gets visited every week (and sometimes every day) by an owl. “We think it’s my grandpa,” said her granddaughter, “cuz, you know, why wouldn’t it be?

Now that they are friends, said the granddaughter, every time the owl sees her, he just starts talking! “I just can’t get over those eyes,” Grandma says.

The owl and grandma became friends when Grandma rescued the owl on an outing. She found it injured so she brought it home and applied medicine and care.

There are two videos below, one is very short and the other one tells the longer story of Grandma and the owl.

Watch both videos below!

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