Monty has spent seven years in kennels and still no one wants to adopt him

The “most overlooked dog”, Monty is currently residing at a rescue center in Edenbridge, England. From the time he was eight years old, many families came to see him but never picked him. He waited long waiting for his parents. Rescue officials are baffled as to why Monty has yet to find his forever home.

After being neglected by his owners, the puppy, Monty, spent the first year of his life in a crate where he was subjected to cruel treatment. For the next seven years, the poor puppy spent his life in kennels, unnoticed and unloved.

Monty Potrait

When he arrived at the center in 2014, he was with a hunched back and in terrible shape, having been treated badly as a puppy. His adoption listing states:

“Poor Monty has a hunched back which the vets think was caused by his previous owners keeping him in a crate that was too small for him for a long period of time! Because of this he does have bad trust issues so would need someone who can help show him that not everyone is bad,” 


The listing further states:

 “The reason we have had Monty with us for so long is that he is not an easy dog but we are sure there may be someone out there he could call his own and will love him for what he is, a slightly damaged rogue! So to sum up we are looking for an adult only, single person home with no other pets, lots of patience, love, garden and tennis balls! Lots of visits to spend time with him before adoption would be required, so someone not too far from us would be ideal (unless you love long and frequent journeys)! If you feel you could be Monty’s ‘human’ please contact us, we would love to hear from you.”

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