You Can Open Tin Can Without a Can Opener With This Easy Trick

You need to open your tin can now, and can’t find your freaking can opener anywhere. Don’t worry; we have all been through to that. But what alternatives is there to solve the issue? Your regular everyday spoon is going to prove handy in this scenario.

So, if you can’t wait to get into your canned goodies, just grab a metal spoon. Firstly, lay your tin can flat on the surface. Then with one hand, grasp the handle of your spoon, while with your other hand, hold the can firmly to stop it from moving. And now for the big moment. Press down the tip of the spoon and rub it down the lid of the can. Keep on doing it until you reach near the edge on the seam. Keep doing it until you have successfully created a groove. Voila! Your seal is now open. All there’s left to do is cut the entire seal and dig into your food.

However, be careful while following this process as the edge of the lid can easily injure you. Follow this procedure slowly and steadily. You need to have patience with this method. Stay calm; your food isn’t going anywhere. Try using safety goggles for extra safety! Who knew a simple utensil like a spoon could come about to be this useful? Will you give this quick trick a try? Watch this video down below: 

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