Marine Sings Emotional Cover of Randy Travis Classic and It’s Giving Everyone Goosebumps

Life in the Marines can be full of challenges. We, regular folks, can’t imagine the feeling of putting our lives on the line every day. Moreover, the sacrifices they make, like staying away from their family and missing out on significant life events, is saddening. One way that they cope is by continuing on the hobbies that they did at home. And when this Marine picks up the guitar, it leaves everyone emotional!

Randy Travis’ “Three Wooden Crosses” is a powerful song about forgiveness and how to live. It’s a song that everyone can learn something from! And you can see it resonates strongly with the military men as they listen to a fellow Marine pouring his heart out.


Troops can form lifelong friendships when they are deployed together. Moreover, moments like these are what strengthen the bond between brothers. Evan Moore sings the emotional song as he plays the guitar. Furthermore, his deep and smooth voice only adds depth to a meaningful tune. And you can see that the lyrics resonate with the other Marines in the room. And they give him a loud cheer after his moving performance. Watch the video below:

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