70-Yr-Old Upstages His Dance Classmates With His Awesome Moves

Here’s a re-post that I just couldn’t resist. This guy just makes me happy to be alive and I think you’ll agree once you watch it.

Nothing beats letting go of all worries and surrendering to the music while moving without caring about anything else in this world. When it comes to dancing, there are no age restrictions, and this 70-year-old proves it.

In this video, you’ll watch the 70-year-old gentleman with some major swagger. He takes to the dance floor as part of a hip-hop dance class to show the world what he’s got!

The man danced on “So in Love”, the song by Jill Scott, an American R&B/soul singer, from her fourth studio album The Light of the Sun (2011). He takes the lead of this dancing team with some outstanding maneuvers.

Talking about his dance moves, his timing is impeccable, and his beat is fantastic. Furthermore, a lot of people had to say great things about his remarkable moves! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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