Officers Step in to Save Dog and Puppies But Surprised to See What Was Trapped in Mattress

Dogs are one of the most loved animals of all time. However, there are many people who fail to take care of their beloved pets.

The Detroit Police got a report about a “vicious” dog in the neighborhood just around Christmas. The description shocked the police officers. Whatsoever, officers H. Kourani and G. Rogers decided to save the day for the dog. When they got to the neighborhood, the two were pretty amazed when they found the dog along with her puppies.

The puppies were too small and the mother dog looked very weak. The poor animals were suffering somewhat from malnutrition. The kind police officers took it to their will to take the dog and her puppies along with them.

Her body condition was very bad when we got her, so she definitely needs to put on some weight,” Theresa Sumpter, who runs the rescue, said of the malnourished mother dog, who appeared to be about a year old. “But she seemed otherwise healthy.

“We saw a tiny brown puppy laying on top of a beat-up mattress as soon as we turned that first corner into the living room,” Kourani explained.

There was a second puppy, but it was trapped inside the mattress, its neck caught in a mattress spring coil. Rogers used his all force to break the coil. The poor pup whimpered a little but was thankful for the sense of relief.

The Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue took in the mother and puppies. According to a veterinarian, the puppies would not have survived the night if the police had not discovered them. Here is a cute picture of the mother dog!

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