Fisherman Catches Stingray Realizes She Needs Help Giving Birth

The ocean is a very vast and mysterious place. You can get just any creature stuck on your fishing hook!

18-year-old Calvin Conger was on a boat with his family and girlfriend on a very random day. However, a random day of fishing turned into a very eventful one. The teen felt something on his hook and when he decided to pull it up, it was a stingray. The stingray was a female.

What was surprising is that the stingray was pregnant and was struggling to give birth. Calvin decided to be the midwife for this stingray. The kind teen pushed a baby stingray out of the pregnant one. He threw the newborn into the water. Then, he helped the stingray give birth to another one.

Calvin truly became a hero for this mother stingray with his kind and thoughtful act. Watch the full video below!

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