Cop Steps in to Babysit Toddler While Dad’s in Court and the Scene Turns Heart-melting

It is always hard to be a parent. It is even harder to take your child just anywhere with you.

It is not always possible for you to do so when you have a somewhat fussy little toddler. They need extra care and attention. Parents tend to love their children more than anything but still fail to give them the time that they need. Mostly when a parent is in need themselves, it becomes almost impossible for them to babysit their child. But, it is not every day that parents meet a kind stranger.

A cop saw a dad in court who was struggling to keep his toddler in place. The cop is a father himself so he knew what he should do to help the helpless father in the court. The dad had gotten a ticket and needed some time to himself away from the child to deal with this matter. The cop took care of the child very well and gained trust from her in a very short time.

This video will melt your heart. Watch the full video below!

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